Gesundheits und Krankenpfleger/in

Universitätsklinikum Erlangen


Health and Nursing/Health and Pediatric Nurses

Nursing Directorate
38.5 hours
limited to 24 months
Classification according to TV-L
Application deadline December 31, 2023
Erlangen University Hospital
Nursing Directorate
Hospital Str. 12
91054 Erlangen

Your contact person if you have any questions
Lena Melchner
Telefon: 09131 85- 36761
Health and nursing staff / health and pediatric nurses (m/f/d)
Published since: January 1st, 2023
Job number: Standing advertisement GuK 2023

Sounds exciting?
This is us:

State-of-the-art medicine and care - for sure! The University Hospital Erlangen has been offering medicine at the highest level since it was founded in 1815. The latest findings in medical research and the most modern equipment are used in diagnosis and therapy. Over 9,400 employees from around 50 professions are necessary to fulfill the diverse tasks of the Erlangen University Hospital and look after our patients around the clock.

The tasks

  • The best possible care and monitoring of patients in accordance with nursing standards
  • To provide targeted care to patients based on their possibilities and problems
  • Electronic documentation and recording of care services
  • Close cooperation with other professional groups
  • Further development of work organization

The know-how for it

  • successfully completed training as a health and nursing assistant (m/f/d), health and children's nurse (m/f/d) or nursing specialist (m/f/d)
  • personal, social and professional competence as well as a sense of responsibility and willingness to cooperate with other professional groups
  • Flexibility, commitment and interest in regular, subject-specific qualifications
  • Innovative thinking and acting

That sounds good? Then we are definitely a match!

All Benefits am WEEKS


Working at the cutting edge of medicine


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Career prospects


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